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Prepress Services

Not only do I offer graphic design that is print-ready and press-friendly  – I also can prepare your existing files for optimal output, regardless of who your designer, print company, or service provider is.

I have more than 25 years of experience working in prepress and am well-versed in resolving common issues BEFORE they cause delays and added expense down the road. Believe me, print companies don't want delays, reprints, or unexpected problems any more than you do. I can also copy-edit your content to assure proper grammar, spelling, and usage.

Your project is important to you, so properly finalizing your files for print or other output is of utmost importance. Good files can be the difference between an awesome final result that looks even better than you imagined … and a disaster that makes you wonder what happened.

My prepress services are guaranteed to streamline and optimize your files for print and let you spend time doing the other stuff. I offer free estimates on most prep work - so contact me today for help with your latest project!

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